Khalili put me in touch with the Iraqi producer Mohammed Alghadbhan. Mohammed himself was on the occupied Tahrir Square during the “October Revolution” and set up the “Cinema of the Revolution” tent there with others. He was 26 years old at the time and very ambitious. Inspired by their courage and confidence, we began our ambitious project. The starting shot had been fired. I started looking for a Swiss production company. 

And although A. unfortunately had to withdraw from the project a little later for safety and personal reasons, nothing was holding us back. It was my intention to bring the voice of the young Iraqi generation to the world. And my Iraqi network had grown so much in the meantime that I had the confidence to continue the project without A. The Swiss production company Filmgerberei was behind this ambitious project right from the start and was prepared to finance an initial test shoot. Nothing stood in the way of the financing attempt.