Film team


Milo has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Baghdad. During her studies, she worked as a social worker and photographer and was involved in various civic projects. As a volunteer for women’s organizations, she offered computer courses, psychological support for victims of abuse and violence and was active in various self-organized feminist groups. She is a passionate painter.

Khalili graduated from the University of Baghdad with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in film. Following his graduation, he worked as a cameraman in the commercial sector until the October revolution broke out, and he devoted all his energies to the political struggle. Today, he works as a video content manager for Toyota in Baghdad.

Nadine Lüchinger has studied Cultural Anthropology, Economics and Political Sciences at the University of Zurich. She worked for various renowned Swiss production companies before joining Filmgerberei in 2014, where she established the fiction and documentary department. Recent productions include the Oscar-nominated short ALA KACHUU (2020) and the feature documentary EVERYTHING ABOUT MARTIN SUTER. EVERYTHING BUT THE TRUTH that premiered at the Locarno Film Festival 2022. Among others, Nadine is an alumna of the EAVE Producers Workshop, Rotterdam Lab, SERIES WOMEN and a member of AMPAS and EFA.

Silvio Gerber, born in 1988 in Zurich, co-founded the film production company Filmgerberei GmbH in 2008, along with his brother Flavio Gerber. As a cinematographer, he works on documentaries, feature films, and corporate and commercial films. His portfolio includes significant projects like ROGER FEDERER – THE REUNION, accessible on Netflix. He has already worked with Maja Tschumi on her short documentary REGIMES and her first feature film ROTZLOCH. His artistry in harnessing the natural light at its best in every single shot lends his films a cinematic and distinctive look.

Alex Bakri was born in 1978 in the Palestinian village Beane in the Galilee/ Israel, and studied Cinema and Media in the in Tel-Aviv. He was working in nearly all departments of film making (documentary and fiction). He worked as an editor for the Palestinian TV Ramallah. Later, he edited various award winning documentaries, such as TASTE OF CEMENT (2017) by Ziad Kalthoum, which won, amongst other, the international competition at Visions Du Réel and was nominated for the European Film Award and German Film Award. He is currently working as a freelance editor in Germany.

With a passion for field recording, cultural anthropology, and history, Kurt is a dedicated sound recordist for documentary productions of all kind. He has lived and worked several countries in his fifteen-year career.

Der Tonverein (in English: “The Sound Club”) was founded by Julian Joseph and Kurt Human. The studio is focused on sound design and audio post-production for moving-image and audio documentaries. Julian and Kurt love storytelling and seek to engage audiences with great sound.

Manouk is currently based in Berlin, Germany, while originally of Armenian descent and born in Beirut, Lebanon. In his youth, he wrote songs for artists in Beirut, performed music, and produced one of the few metal albums that derived from this part of the world. In recent years, he has been writing music for European TV and cinema.

Filmgerberei is a film production company based in Zurich, Switzerland, focussing mainly on international, socially, and politically relevant material. They work with innovative filmmakers who want to bring their voices to the world through meaningful topics. Diversity, fresh perspectives, and talent development are at the forefront of the film selection process. Filmgerberei fosters a culture of inspiration and shared growth, encouraging its directors to develop their own creative styles. Productions include ALA KACHUU by Maria Brendle, which was nominated for an OSCAR® for Best Short Film in 2022 after a successful festival career of over 70 festivals and around 50 awards, as well as the 2021 documentary on the international sports legend ROGER FEDERER – The Reunion.

Mohammed Alghadhban is an Iraqi producer and director. He completed his Master’s in Cinema at the College of Fine Arts – University of Baghdad. He worked as Artistic Director for the 3 Minutes in 3 Days Film Festival. Mohammed Alghadhban founded the AI-Dar Foundation for Arts & Culture and the Rola Productions Company. Rola Productions seeks to establish itself as one of Baghdad’s first companies for independent films and creative content production.