I am the director of this movie. I was born in Basel in 1983 and grew up in Aargau and Zurich. Today, I live and work in Zurich and Berlin.

I have been politically active since I was 18 years old. As a teenager, I rebelled against fixed gender roles and social expectations. Today, my rebellion has developed into a more sophisticated and differentiated activism. The negative effects of capitalism and globalization and the vision of a fairer world are the driving force behind my work. 

As a person, I feel connected to the activist youth in Iraq. In the fight against neoliberalism, capitalism and patriarchy, human rights do not know borders and walls. The human longing for freedom and respect is universal.

The project IMMORTALS has been an incredible journey for myself and for everyone involved. It has been mind-blowing in so many ways. And we would like to share our experiences with you.

This blog shall give you a look behind the scenes of IMMORTALS.  And one thing is for sure, it never gets boring!